This 1973 Monaro LS 350 was tired but extremley complete.  The original Corvette rocker covers and air cleaner were replaced with cheap, chromed pressed metal ones.  Fortunately, the original Corvette rocker covers and “350” air cleaner were in the boot.  The glovebox contained the oriniginal owner’s manual and service booklet with all the car’s details; paint and trim codes, engine number, key numbers, etc.

The engine, although painted red and yellow with spray cans over the layers of grease was extremely original with all brackets, clips and bolts being factory correct.  The distributor had obviously never been out of the vehicle as it still had a thin aluminium band around it with the part number stamped on it.  I would later discover that the engine had never been reconditioned as it was a virgin bore and still had the thin metal GM head gaskets.

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